Suite des résidences avec l’accueil simultané à la Cherche de Morgan Patimo et Octave Rimbert-Rivière du 31 août au 14 septembre.


Morgan Patimo

Plasticien et musicien, Morgan Patimo explore et façonne une pratique plastique et sonore régie par l’obsession de l’instant de la composition. Sa musique, tout comme ses dessins (qui vont jusqu’à déferler en installation), sont marqués par le rythme et la viralité. Riff, sample, loops circulent sur un régime proliférant de contamination des signes. Un répertoire d’éléments indistincts et fragmentaire se disperse et se réplique en partitions impulsives. C’est une fuite en avant, une naïveté, un amusement, un contre-pied pour s’approcher, sans y aller, du désastre. Sortir de l’astre, sortir du sens, Morgan Patimo développe en somme une pratique empirique de la composition et de la plasticité grâce à l’improvisation.

Vit et travaille à Marseille.


Octave Rimbert-Rivière

In public moments like the carnival, norms and laws are suspended, giving way to spaces and times of expression, like a parallel world that is freed from the reign of utility.

In that sense, I am interested in the idea of behavior and collective patterns of misconduct, that are associated to the carnivalesque. I consider my work as a way to discuss these issues of misbehavior in formal terms, but also as a way to imagine how an exhibition could become a social space.

I merge objects together in a joyful way in order to link life and art. I cross over references and link them in an unhierarchical way: from history of art to popular culture, from trivial objects to downloaded 3D models of Antique sculptures or from craft techniques to industrial mass processes. Those fragments glued together become monsters. Their skins and surfaces are seductive, colorful and shiny, but they hide something disturbing. They outline bodies that stand between humour and the uncanny. Like a trompe l’oeil, they flirt with the eyes of the viewer, even if finally an empty character stands behind the gaze.

The emptiness of those grotesque figures is reminding us that everything around us could be an imitation, a ghost coming back from the past, or a combination of something haunting and humourous. These hollow statues, inanimate and excessive, are crafted in order to be valued but also to create a disturbing mess. Thus, I evoke a certain devaluation of the art object that is both attractive and abjective.

Vit et travaille à Amsterdam, Pays-Bas.